Purchased in the spring of 2013, this house was in desperate need of a full remodel. The bathroom needed to be fully gutted, the foundation repaired and rebuilt, the kitchen updated, and a lot of design help. Luckily for the buyer, all of this was done and more. The first thing we did was gut the house down to the studs. We then replaced repaired the foundation and all of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. After putting the house on sound footings, we added all of the design elements that has made Bennett Atherton Investments such sought after properties.



Warm, open, and detailed, guiding principals that culminated into an inviting and modern take on a Minnetonka cottage. Combining design elements such as reclaimed wood and a consistent soft color palate with materials and craftsmanship not typically found in this price range, 5320 Manitou was truly a special project and the buyer agreed. The house was purchased shortly after construction finished and never hit MLS.


Utilizing modern design elements incorporating materials and craftsmanship normally not found at this price point, Bennett Atherton Investments was able to transform this rundown house into a quaint modern day cottage. Reclaimed wood, a soft color palate, and an open modern design was used throughout. With modern design elements touching every corner this house was a hot commodity and sold before it ever hit MLS