Q&A with Charlie Bennett, CEO of Bennett Atherton Investments


House flipping—is it a term you love or hate?

Both! It just means different things to different people. Some see “flippers” as neighborhood heroes who conquer the local eyesores, raise property values and bring money and business into the area. Others see them as inexperienced, corner-cutting DIY-ers who are only looking to make an extra buck, with little to no actual real estate, building or design experience. In reality, both definitions are accurate. There are people doing both.

You refer to yourselves as real estate investors, instead of flippers. What’s the difference?

First, we’re professionals. Our veteran builder is a leader in Minnesota’s custom homes and remodeling industry. We obtain the proper permits (lots of DIY-ers don’t even know if and when permits are needed, which can lead to major headaches later for the buyer), and use a third-party structural engineer to ensure safe, legal and high-quality construction. We do an internal inspection of our work, as well as a city inspection.


Plus, our lead designer, Teri Bennett, is a nationally recognized expert in customized, on-trend, high-end home design—with expertise in the Minnetonka area. She makes sure our finished homes are magazine-ready and anything but generic.

What about quality?

Quality is our first priority. Our names are in our business, and it’s our reputation on the line. That’s why we build and remodel every house as if we were personally moving in. By giving buyers more than they’re used to at their price point, we ensure a quicker sale, which benefits all parties.


And forget about cutting corners—we give ourselves ample remodeling time to ensure all work meets our safety and design standards. Most flippers try to buy, fix and sell a property in one to three months. Our average construction time alone is three to four months, and our average holdings are six to twelve months.


Why invest in homes in the Minnetonka area?
We’re Minnetonka natives—born and raised—and want to see our neighborhoods (and neighbors) thrive. By investing in Minnesota, we can help a neighbor get out of a distressed house, and develop it into one a new buyer will make their home, bringing stability and economic activity to the area.


Our end goal is pretty simple. We do mutually beneficial transactions that generate fair returns and better our community at the same time.


What’s the best part of working with Bennett Atherton Investments?

It’s like living in an HGTV show, and every day is different! I don’t think many other companies, or house flippers, have this type of passion for their work. From our team of craftsmen to our designer to our real estate experts—we love our jobs!